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Successful Ways to Use Wrought Iron Wall Decor

When you start a home decorating project, you might be anxious about where to place your couch as well as what window treatments to use. However, the real decorating worry begins when you start choosing and placing accessories. These helpful wrought iron wall décor home decorating tips will give you ideas to put to use today!

If possible, consider what accessories you will use from the very beginning of your decorating project. They may even determine the basic style and color scheme of the room. Wrought iron décor can be used in most decorating styles because of its adaptability.

Beware, when using a collection, that you don’t use too many items in your décor. You may need to get rid of or store some of them and rotate the items every few months. This is called “editing” and is an opportunity to assess your collection and keep only those items that still have meaning for you and that will look nice in the room.

To create balance in your wall displays, find the centerline of your display; for example, the center of the sofa or over the mantel. The placement of the objects on each side of the centerline should “mirror” each other. This is “symmetrical” arrangement. If there are more objects on one side, or if they are at different heights, the arrangement is “asymmetrical”. Whichever way, the visual “weight” of the grouping should be the same.

To simplify the look of a wall, use a single large image which dominates a wall. Choose something that blends with or complements the room while at the same time adds a special touch. Wrought iron wall décor is an excellent choice because of its versatility and timeless beauty.

Wrought iron wall décor can be used alone or in a grouping with framed pictures. Wrought iron candle holders and sconces are popular wall décor because they can be used in any room of the house. You will find wrought iron wall décor in various colors and finishes including “rust” brown, black, shabby chic white or beige, and verdigris.

Sensational Tips For Choosing a Wall Color

Which comes first: the wall art or the wall? When selecting wall art, we have several options, including paintings, grilles, mirrors, shelves, and so on. Of course, the choices we make regarding these items are important. Some of the most important selections involve the type of wall art, its size, the arrangement we will use, and the wall art’s color. Speaking of color, before selecting the wall art, here are some tips to help select the best paint color for the room:

1. Carry textile samples with you
Remember that the paint color should complement the colors of other items in the room. It probably is not feasible to haul your furniture to paint stores. However, make sure to bring various textile samples with you, including pieces of wallpaper, curtain, tile, etc. That will make it easier to match them up with the paint. You never know when you will spot a color that could be THE color!

2. Select trim that complements the wall color
It is generally advisable to select a white, off-white or pale color for various types of trim in the room, including:

– doors
– moldings
– doors

To make an even bolder statement, use light hues for the walls, and darker hues for the trim. This combination will match up well with art wall decor.

3. Choose the color after you have decided on other decor
While painting a room is often the first step in decorating a room, never rush into doing that. Make sure to do enough planning first, to ensure that the paint will complement other items in the room, including the furniture, carpeting or throw rugs, drapes, wall art, etc. Yes, changing a wall color is easy and you have several hues from which to choose. Still, remember that the paint is only ONE piece of the big picture.

4. Choose the ideal paint finish for the walls
To reflect more light from the walls, use a finish that is shinier. On the other hand, use flat or matte finishes in order to hide flaws on the wall.

Lighthouse Wall Decor Brings Your Walls Alive

Lighthouse wall decor is absolutely for you if you love the beach then bring the beach to your home. Surely, you cannot be in the beach everyday or every weekend but you can make your house feel like you are there all the time. You just have to make your house look like a beach house or those rooms in a beach resort to make it feel nautical and coastal. How would you do this?

You can of course put up a lot of pieces that pertains to the life in the beach such as shells, seahorses, anchors, lanterns, flag ships and lighthouses. You can incorporate these things with your items such as your throw pillow cases, your carpet, your shower curtain, your picture frames, and your center piece and so on.

One of the most enduring things that you can also put up in your house to make it feel like you are in the beach would be lighthouse wall décor. This will make any wall pop and of course you can just sit in your sofa, look at it and feel the serenity it can bring. Lighthouses will bring so much joy to your place instead of you staring at a blank wall.

When you are putting up lighthouse wall décor or any wall décor for that matter, you have to consider a lot of factors and these are:

1) If you are going to put a couple of paintings or décor in one wall, you have to make sure that there is symmetry when you arrange the frames. Balance is the key element here. You need to make sure that the decors are distributed equally. This will ensure that your wall and decors are secured and they will not fall off or tip over to the side. This will also make it look easy on the eyes. If you put a lot of things at the top and little things only at the bottom or vice-versa, it might be heavy to look at.

2) If you are going to put just one large piece of lighthouse wall décor, you have to compliment it by putting it in the surroundings of large things as well like a big cabinet, bookshelf or sofa. Dark colored decors and super bright dominating colors may appear larger than they look as well.

3) Odd numbers are better when you are displaying a couple of items. This means that it is better to put 3 or 5 frames in one particular wall than only 2 frames or 4 or 6.

4) It is okay to put a couple of difference frames in one straight line because it keeps things modern. However, it is better to have different leveling in terms of wall displays to create thickness in between the frames and photos. The rhythm in between or the spaces that you put in each frame could either make or break your décor.

5) Create a focal point-photo or frame. For sure there is one photo that stands out above the rest so put this one at the middle and then work from there. It would be nice to put up different photos for lighthouse wall decor with different colors to brighten up your dull room or wall.

Modern Wall Decor Tips

To make your home as inviting and as comfortable as a 5-star hotel room, all you need are some wall decor, stylish home accents, a unique concept and a good harmony of colors and hues. Also, modern wall art and modern wall decor are elegant and stylish additions that can bring out individualism and can give your home a distinct feature.

The walls of your home represent the largest interior space. It is also the part which can bring an entirely different atmosphere inside the house if properly designed. To the eyes of an interior designer, the walls are like over-sized blank canvases with unlimited decorating potential. To make your home as inviting and as comfortable as a 5-star hotel room, all you need are some wall decor, stylish home accents, a unique concept and a good harmony of colors and hues. Also, modern wall art and modern wall decor are elegant and stylish additions that can bring out individualism and can give your home a distinct feature.

Before decorating your walls, you should first decide if you will be working with a small and cozy room or a room with lots of space. The size of the area will let you know what wall elements will work for you. For small rooms, avoid using wallpaper with a large bold design. This will only make the room look more narrow and plain. Also, stay away from light-colored paint when decorating a very large living room. It will only make the living room look too impersonal and bland. Look around the space you will be working on and plan your decorating process. Designing a large or small wall space are both challenging so you need to be careful which type of modern wall art and modern wall decor you will use.

Choosing a decorating style for your wall is also an important part of the process. Having a particular style can narrow your choice of what types of wall decor and home accents you should use to complement the overall design. More importantly, choose a concept that reflects your taste and not so much by the style itself. So maybe if you are living in a beach cottage, your wall decoration will usually show the colors of the ocean or if you are living in a modern New York apartment, its appropriate to make your walls feature a sleek and streamlined design.

Lastly, when selecting wall decor and home accents be sure to choose a color scheme that will compliment existing furnishings and interior elements. The mood and ambiance that you want to create should also be considered in making the right color choices.