Wall Art Ideas – Living Room

wall art decorThe walls are the most exposed surfaces of our houses, and the way we decorate them can say a lot about our taste, personal choice, lifestyle, etc., besides affecting our mood, and adding to the overall ambiance of the room. They are surely pleasing to the eyes. So if your walls are bare, and in need of some tender lovin’ care, here are a few wall art ideas for your living room, that may inspire you to change the look of your room, by giving your wall some character and personality! Go ahead and explore, and then set free your imagination and creativity, which will breathe life into your drab and lifeless walls.

Metal Wall Hangings and Murals
Murals are a beautiful way to decorate walls. There are designs, colors, and you can personalize them to suit your taste. You can make murals of people or of objects or even get a mural of a family picture. That would be an absolute delight for your eyes! Metal wall hangings are the easiest and non-messiest way to decorate your walls, and they come in a variety of styles, so you never have to worry about not finding something that will go with your decor. They can be small or big, and you can pick a few big as well as small ones, and see what patterns you can make out of them. They require no maintenance, unlike the vases that are mentioned below, and can look quite ostentatious, if that’s what you like. Regular weekly dusting, and you’re done. No chance of them breaking if they fall either.

Vases on Walls
Vases on the walls are an amazing way to bring some greenery inside your house, without cluttering your floor. They look great, and you can try putting in different flowers like button roses, which come in many vibrant colors. You can also mix and match the shades to either go with your wall paint or contrast with it. Like, maybe if you have a wall that is yellow, you can have red button roses to create a nice contrast – red against yellow – or the exact opposite. There are no restrictions to your creativity here, and you can try clay pots, or glass or plastic pots, in a holder, hung individually, or in a small group, with real flowering plants or plastic ones, or simply put up stark white vases in a group against some darkly painted background. Although traditionally used on outdoor walls, they look great against a textured living room wall. Try new things, and you may end up with an unexpected but beautiful result!

Unique Plate Hangings
Got plates, old china that you don’t want to use anymore? Here is one cool living room wall art idea that will take care of all your old plates. Just put them up on your walls as shown alongside! Easy and quite useful. You don’t even need to have matching plates. Gather all the plates that are left from old sets that you either don’t use, or if only one plate is left after all the rest have broken. In fact, this is one place where mixing and matching will probably yield the best results! A great idea to liven up a dull wall with variety and color. Try light colored plates against a dark background and vice-versa, and enjoy the effects…

Wall Frames
Photographs, instant shots, frames, etc., are a great way to add some color and spruce up your wall. If you put up pictures of your family, kids, spouse, parents, etc., it will add that extra personal touch and warmth to the wall. You can use any sort of frames, as almost all of them will look nice. You could also try some unique frames like the ones made with stones or pebbles as shown in the last picture above! Looks very pretty and is really easy to put together. Just find colored stones and fix them on your walls with a suitable adhesive, and voila, you have a really pretty stone frame ready! Just make sure that your frame matches the rest of your home decor, and doesn’t break the uniformity of your style. What I mean is, the frames in the first picture above will go well with contemporary furniture and decor, while the frames in the third picture will be better suited for traditional / rustic / vintage home decor. The stone frame will go well with an exposed brick wall with a small patch, painted brightly at the center of the wall, for the frame.

Abstracts/ Appliques/ Canvas
Appliques, although in more suitable designs and pictures, are a great way to give your wall a little something. Having part of the wall painted with abstract designs, or landscapes with a mirror on the opposite wall, work really well in making your wall stand out. Canvas paintings have always added warmth to a drab and monotonous wall, and if you get a big canvas with warm colors, it will immediately affect the entire room, and make it warm and cheerful. This is a perfect way to change the feel of a room, without making any major changes. Abstract wall art will gel really well with contemporary and minimalist styles of home decor, while warm canvasses will gel well with the country style home decor, especially if you have a nice fireplace in your living room. There are many canvas wall art ideas that you can explore, as well as some unusual paper mache, and metal wall art ideas that you can try.

Contemporary Wall Art
Contemporary wall art encompasses the contemporary, unique styles of decorating your walls. A little deviant from the normal styles, these are for the experimenters, and can really make a wall stand out if done tastefully. The statue shown in the picture above is just an example, but that is not really suitable for a living room wall. I’ve added the picture to give you an idea about wall sculptures. You could try out different and pleasant sculptures, maybe a little along the lines of modern art, to give your wall a little something. Maybe you could add a wood window frame if you think your wall is looking small, and then add a canvas of some pleasing scenery to get the effect of staring out of the window, when actually there is none! It’s a great way to make your wall look bigger, and to make your room look more spacious, much like a mirror would do. Another brilliant idea is to make a colorful pebble collage, like the one shown in the second picture. This will make your wall look really beautiful without burning a hole in your pocket. You can make it yourself, and try different themes for the collage. A pretty unique way of decorating your wall. Alternately, you could put up small figurines/ statues on your walls, like shown in the third picture. My aunt is really good at decorating walls, and she put up a few on her wall, of dancing ballerinas, and the effect is gorgeous!

I hope the ideas presented in this article have inspired you to do something to break the monotony of the walls in your living room. These are just a few ideas. You can come up with many other unique ideas, and try them out on your walls. Get going, and give your walls the much-needed makeover!

Tips for Finding the Right Moving Companies in Arizona

Do you want to get the better living condition in your life? Why do you want to have the better living condition? We know that everyone deserves for getting the better condition in their life. One of the best ways that we can do for getting the better living condition is by choosing the best job. Do you believe that a job can influence your life condition? I do believe that by choosing the right job, we will have the better condition in our life. If you want to have the better living condition, make sure that you choose the best chance in your life too.

Sometimes, in order to get the better job, we need to move from one place to another place. We need to make sure that we can prepare for getting the better job in no matter the place is. If you get the offer of the good job outside of your town and you need to move, then why do not you try to move? This is for your own life condition and you need to be careful enough to prepare all of the aspects related to your moving. Or are you in the process of moving in this time? If yes, you need to prepare everything including for the moving process.

One of the most important aspects that we need to consider when we want to move is choosing the moving service. Have you got the best one for helping you in the moving process? If you have not prepared for the best one, you need to be much more careful in choosing one of the best moving service. Actually, there will be many kinds of moving services that you can get in your town. Where are you living at? Let’s say you are living in Arizona. We know that there are many kinds of moving services in Arizona. The next question will be whether you have got the right and the trusted one or not. If you are feeling so insecure in choosing one of the best one, you do not need to be worried. Here are some tips that you can do and you can choose.

First, you need to find out the service of the moving in the internet. A good moving service will have the better or the good reputation in the internet. Besides, they will have the clear information about their own service. In their website, they will give the explanation clearly about their service. Second, you also need to find out the comments or the reviews of the customers who have used their service. You need to remember that you need to be careful in seeing and determining whether a certain kind of moving service is trusted enough or not. Third, you also need to find out whether the service is solid enough or not. You need to remember that a good moving company will have a solid rating with the Arizona Better Business Bureau and has years of experience with moving. Their team must handle all of your belongings with care.

Those are the basic information that you need to know if you are choosing the moving companies Phoenix AZ. Indeed, there are many kinds of services that you can choose and you can consider but you need to be much more careful in choosing the right and the better one. If you do not want to get the bad one and please make sure that you can keep and maintain the security of your own belongings. Good luck to prepare all of the things related to the belongings and choosing the right one of the moving company.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Moving House: Packing Made Easy

Moving house is not an easy task – even the most seasoned packer or mover knows this all too well. If you are planning to move and would like to do it with the least amount of hassle, you don’t need to worry – with this step-by-step guide to moving house, your task of packing your belongings will not be insurmountable. In fact, it might even be an eye-opening pleasure!

Step 1: start early

If you have a large home with many rooms and items, start as early as you can. For large homes, give it about two box2months. If you start two months prior to the time of your move, you can pack at least a box per day. If you have a smaller home, start packing about a month from moving day.

Step 2: start with items you don’t regularly need

You can begin packing those items that you don’t regularly use or need, such as items in the guest room or in your garage. Seasonal goods and equipment should be packed first as well, such as garden equipment, Christmas décor, and winter clothing.

Step 3: do it room by room

Another way to make it easier on yourself is by doing it room by room. This will make you more organised and you won’t end up becoming confused with your various items. When doing this, label each box and write down in which room it should go.

Step 4: do some de-cluttering

Whilst packing, you should also set aside items that you no longer need. Assess which items you can give away, sell, or throw away. Get rid of these items as soon as you can.

Step 5: weigh each box

You should also make it a point to weigh each box and make sure that it does not exceed 30 lbs. A box that is too heavy might give you (or your movers, such as the ones from a removal company Cheltenham offers) back strain or even injury. Also, by doing this, your boxes will not be likely to break open.

Step 6: pack them well

When packing your boxes, there might be some empty spaces. Make sure to fill these in with newspapers, packing materials, or even towels and sheets so the items will remain secure.

Step 7: heavy boxes at the bottom, lighter boxes at the top

When stacking your boxes, make sure the heavier ones are at the bottom and the lighter ones are at the top. Heavy boxes, such as those with books or furniture, should be loaded first.

Step 8: don’t forget your essentials

Come moving day, you’ll want certain essentials. This includes towels, toiletries, a change of clothing, water, snacks, pen and paper, and scissors. Pack a box with kitchen essentials as well, such as a pan and plates and cups.

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Top 5 Home Accessories to Choose to Achieve a Vintage Look


There are several themes to choose from for a lovely home. You might want to go for more contemporary home designs. You can also play with colours. Another strategy is to go for a vintage theme. This creates a more laidback feeling. It also brings you to a more comfortable place in the past where everything was peaceful, quiet and calm. To achieve this look, you might want to invest in vintage accessories. Below are the top 5 essentials to complete the look that you wish to achieve.

  1. Candle light

It looks amazing especially at night. You may not be using candles anymore these days, but it still feels great to use one every now and then. The vintage candleholder will help achieve that look. If you are afraid to use candles, then you can use faux candles made from LED lights. It can still help achieve that same feeling, but it is safer.

  1. Mirror

Of course, mirrors are a classic. The difference is that these mirrors have wooden frames. The designs are also intricate. Houses in the past made use of huge mirrors and people could take hours in using them especially in preparing themselves for special events.

  1. Boards

This could serve as your information board at home. Instead of using your mobile devices as a reminder, you can use the vintage board. You can place the reminders on the board just like people did in the past. You don’t even have to use post-its. You can use chalk instead. It creates a more vintage feeling.

  1. Lamps

Lamps on the side table are an all-time classic. Even now, people still have lamps on their bedside table. The difference though is that these lamps are vintage and they look really different. They are easy on the eyes and they are meant to last for a long time.

  1. Storage

You can buy a closet, drawer or cabinet with vintage designs. They still have the same function as regular storage furniture. You will be amazed at how your room will be transformed with the help of this furniture.

These are just some of the choices available. There are a lot of other vintage home accessories for you to choose from. You just have to check the prices and look for the best company to buy them from. Once you have gone through the choices, you can start placing your order. You will feel excited decorating your house using these vintage accessories. After decorating, you will no longer recognize your place. The transformation will be just incredible. You might even want to buy more vintage accessories in the future.

Guide to Choosing a Freestanding Bathtub

guide-to-choosing-a-freestanding-bathtubFreestanding bathtubs add a touch of elegance in any kind of bathroom, which is why an increasing number of households are going for this option instead of standard baths. Aside from the elegant look, these bathtubs can also be placed anywhere in the bathroom, so you could play with its design. If you decide to get one for your home, here’s a guide that will help you in choosing the right freestanding bathtub.

Determine the Size of the Bathtub

Consider this as you want to make sure that it will fit in the available area in your bathroom and that it will be able to pass through the door. Measure the location where you wish to put the freestanding bathtub. From there, you can determine what sizes of bathtubs would work for you. The good thing is that there are now more size options, so although these bathtubs typically use more space, there are now smaller sizes that do not require a huge area. Take note of the measurements to ensure that you get the right size when you make your purchase. There are also bathtubs that are designed to be used by one person, and those that can accommodate two.

Choose the Style

There are different styles of freestanding baths to choose from and it’s vital that you know them to help you in making the best choice. There are freestanding baths that come with feet or a pedestal, while others do not have them. Some bathtubs are longer and deeper than others, which are perfect for soaking. If you want to enjoy long, relaxing baths, then these are good options. There are bathtubs that are higher at one end and they are called slipper tubs, while double-slipper tubs are high at both ends.

Decide on the Material

Different materials are used in making these freestanding bathtubs. One of the most popular is acrylic, which is easy to clean and lightweight. However, if you want a sturdier bathtub, one that’s made with pure acrylic is a better option than one made with standard acrylic. There’s also a combination of pure acrylic and resin. It’s also lightweight and it imitates the look of stone. So if you’re after this style but want a lighter material, then this is a leading choice. Some freestanding bathtubs are also made out of stone like granite, travertine and marble, which are carved. These are perfect for people who would like to make a bold statement. However, these bathtubs are very heavy so make sure that your floor can carry the weight. Stainless steel and copper are other materials used and they give a modern feel with a touch of sparkle in the bathroom. There are also bathtubs made with cast iron. They are sturdy and give that classic feel, but they can be heavy too.

Consider these things when choosing a freestanding bathtub to install in your bathroom so you can make the best choice.

Move Your Office Effortlessly

Our world is a regularly changing place, to which we need to be accommodated continuously. When we look at the business side, we can see how much things have progressed during the years. More people have desk jobs, they use computers, which call for them to have a good sitting place and so on. This requires organizations have to take into account and appeal to a lot of men and women, which can turn out to be quite a difficult task, if you consider every single detail that is required in the process. And when it comes to moving, things tend to get even more intricate.

Sadly, office places get smaller and smaller, which means that most of the time you may find it hard to fit all the workers of your growing firm in one place. There are many times where offices are divided and the work environment is shaken considerably. What can you do when you have to move to two different offices? First, take into account which teams are going to be working with each other and which don’t depend on one another. Clearly, in a united workplace, everyone accounts to everyone, but there are still more critical connections, which you need to improve.

You will also want to start arranging things as soon as possible and should definitely notify your staff at least 6 months before hand. The larger your team the bigger the effort you need to put, to make everything work at the same time. That is why it is also important to find a trustworthy moving company, which can take care of your items. While the choices are truly many, there are some extraordinary ones. For the region of Chicago you can check with H2H Movers and make sure they are free and have the time to deal with your project. This is another reason to start dealing with things as soon as possible.

In addition, when you have already found a place, bear in mind to check all the requirements. There may be new building costs you have to spend money on, or you may have to manage some part of the maintenance fees. No matter what the case is, you have to acquaint yourself with the new state of your soon-to-be workplace. Also make sure to take your staff members there, or advise them to go by themselves, in order to know their way around that new location, so there is less hassle and headaches when the time comes to relocate. A smart thing to do is to provide a list of noteworthy places, which will be useful to your staff. These may include local restaurants, diners, coffee shops, fitness gyms, and so on – all the things that will help your workers feel comfortable when they go into the new working environment.

And a ultimate piece of advice that is not so plain – if you have an IT department, move them there first. When you do this, you will avoid dealing with all the work around wiring and your workplace can get back to work right away, without being required to deal with addition alterations. We hope that these tricks will make your next office move a breeze, so you won’t have to lose time, energy and worries.

Office Moves Aren’t That Difficult

Our world is a always changing place, to which we need to be accommodated consistently. When we look at the business side, we can notice how much things have evolved during the years. More people have desk jobs, they use computers, which demand them to have a good sitting setting and so on. This requires organizations have to think about and appeal to a lot of individuals, which can prove to be quite a complicated task, if you account fully for every single detail that is involved in the process. And in regards to moving, things tend to get even more intricate.

Sadly, office areas get smaller and smaller, which means that most of the time you may find it difficult to fit all the workers of your growing firm in one place. There are many situations where offices are split and the work atmosphere is rocked a great deal. What can you do when you have to relocate to two different offices? First, consider which teams are going to be working together and which don’t depend on one another. Of course, in a cohesive workplace, everyone accounts to everyone, but there are still more vital connections, which you need to enhance.

You will also want to start planning things as soon as possible and should surely notify your staff members at least 6 months up front. The larger your team the bigger the effort you need to put, to make everything work at the same time. That is why it is also important to find a reputable moving company, which can take care of your equipment. While the choices are in fact many, there are some exceptional ones. For the region of Chicago you can check with H2H Movers and make certain they are free and have the time to attend to your project. This is another reason to start dealing with things sooner rather than later.

In addition, when you have already found a place, bear in mind to check all the requirements. There may be new building fees you have to cover, or you may have to cover some part of the upkeep fees. Regardless of what the case is, you have to inform yourself with the new condition of your soon-to-be workplace. Also make sure to take your staff there, or encourage them to go by themselves, so that they can know their way around that new location, so there is less anxiety and issues when the time comes to relocate. A smart thing to do is to hand out a list of notable places, which will be useful to your personnel. These may include community restaurants, diners, cafes, fitness gyms, and so on – all the things that will help your workers feel at ease when they get into the new working environment.

And a ultimate piece of advice that is not so clear – if you have an IT division, move them there first. By doing this, you will pass up dealing with all the work around wiring and your workplace can get back to work as soon as possible, without having to deal with addition changes. We hope that these tips will make your next office move a breeze, so you won’t have to lose time, energy and worries.

LED Lights on Movie Sets

LED technology is being adopted in numerous high-performing industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, aviation and filming. On movie sets, LEDs are known for their robust lighting capabilities and reliable features.

Read on to understand how LEDs are shaping the movie industry.

LEDs and Movie Sets

In the movie production industry, LEDs are viable alternatives for tungsten lights. The modern fixtures are cheaper and require less maintenance. When it comes to energy requirements, LEDs consume very little energy, allowing operators to use the luminaries along with other power-hungry equipment. For remote sets, LEDs offer portability through battery-powered variants. During filming, the units create soft lighting features, similar tosoftboxes. This makes the lamps ideal for shots involving face-to-faceinterviews and news-related recordings. For sets that incorporate multiple lighting configurations, LEDs may also be useful, due to their instant toggling features.

Before the rise of LEDs in movie sets, most producers relied on Hydrargyrum Medium-arc Iodide (HMI) lamps. In the filming sector, LEDs are often compared with HMIs, because they are the industry standard for lighting. To date, the luminaries are still the standard in Hollywood, due to their powerful lighting capabilities. A single 150-watt HMI bulb can accomplish the same amount of power as a set of LED light panels. Based on power alone, HMIs have a clear advantage over LEDs. However, HMI technologylacks several key features that fast-paced producers are looking for, such as instant toggling. Before reaching full light output, HMIs must be warmed up for about 10 minutes. Furthermore, when moving the lights to another location or turning them off, they must also be cooled down.

HMI fixtures do exceptionally well in large movie sets, while LEDs are superior lighting options for small settings. From a cost perspective, HMIs are staggeringly expensive. This has forced some low budget production houses to focus on less expensive, but reliable lighting options, such as LEDs. Currently, movie sets rely on a range of lighting technologies for illumination. Fixtures are commonly applied according to their lighting characteristics in order to get the most out of their features. With that in mind, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to movie set lighting. However, this does not mean that LEDs areunsuitable replacements for other lighting technologies. This is because most traditional luminaries have reached a “ceiling” in their development. By comparison, scientists have barely scratched the surface of LED technology. Because of this, LEDs may one day outshine HMIs in movie sets.

Effects of LED Adoption and Movie Sets

Interestingly, the widespread adoption of LEDs for outdoor lighting systems on streets, buildings and monuments has indirectly affected the filming industry. Before the rise of LEDs, city lights incorporated older lighting technologies with warm, yellowish color temperature ratings, such as incandescent or sodium-vapor lamps. Most movies during the 90s and before that era captured city scenes that incorporated such lighting features. But these days, more and more cities are switching to LEDs with high color temperature ratings, which appears whiter, compared to its outdated predecessor.

An example of this issue comes from the movie Collateral. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles before the city started switching over to LEDs. Now, due to the distinct qualities of the city’s old lighting systems, producers are required to portray the location on film with outdated lighting technology (for scenes referencing time periods before the switch). Los Angeles made the switch in 2012 through one of the largest LED street light replacement programs in the world. Workers replaced a whopping 141,089 street lights during the first phase of the project. Officials are currently saving up to $7 million in energy costs and up to $2.5 million in maintenance costs, as a result from upgrading the street fixtures.

Purchasing LEDs for Filming

Buying LEDs for filmingis not the same as purchasing lights for one’s home or office. There are several features that must be taken into consideration during the process, such as beam patterns, controls and Color Rendering Index (CRI) ratings. When it comes to CRI levels, or the measurement (based on a scale from 0 to 100) of a fixture’s accuracy compared to a referenced or natural light source, cinemas typically incorporate units with 90 or higher CRI ratings and/or TV Light Color Index (TLCI) ratings of 85 or better, in order to get away with as little color correction as possible. High quality LEDs can reach such desired CRI and TLCI ratings with minimal effort. Low quality variants may produce inconsistent colors, which can easily be picked up by high-powered studio cameras and industrial recording devices.

LEDs emit light differently compared to traditional luminaries on movie sets. For example, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps emit light from a suspended light source (the arc), allowing operators to manipulate the beams using conventional tools. Such methods are usually ineffective for LEDs, because they generate light from a chip. Hence, when buying LEDs for filming, one also needs to take optical accessories and modifiers into consideration.

Lastly, like other fixtures on a movie set, LEDs must be able to handle fine-tuning and standard controls. It is common practice to use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) protocols to boost or decrease light output. Unfortunately, this technique is not suitable for movie sets because it can cause flickering due to conflicting sample rates from nearby recording devices. A solution to this issue involves a combination of analog and PWM methods. The reason for the merge is because LEDs controlled using analog techniques are prone to color shifting when power hits below 50 percent (this phenomenon does not occur with PWM).

More information is available at http://www.larsonelectronics.com website.

Tips On Choosing Bathtubs That Fit Your Bathroom

large whirlpool tubsGet yourself familiar first with the option for bathtubs, it helps you in many ways to pick a flawless tub that is compatible with your bathroom. Many selections of bathtubs to deal with in some degree can be very frustrating, even when you already decide that you need large whirlpool tubs, there are things to consider. There is a huge variation of tubs that anyone can choose based on its size, its styles, its materials and so on. Adding additional features like hydro therapy system, ensure that the bathtub that you choose can handle the combination or not.

For instance, you pick a oval bathtub for bathroom, the next question is, what this tub can do for you? Oval tub is aesthetically beautiful and somehow versatile as you can treat it as a corner tub. The only drawback of this kind of tub, in most cases you can’t add additional feature to the tub. Some people may have no problem with it. However, if it is a problem for you, simply choose another option like skirted tub, instead. If you need tub that won’t burden you much when it comes to cleaning, this one is great. But that is not the only thing, since you can integrate the tub with additional feature like whirlpool or jetted system.

Corner tub is also a good idea, moreover if you have a confined bathroom. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a large-sized whirlpool tub with corner tub design. Once you know kind of tub to choose, you can think about kind additional feature you want to add. To make that whirlpool tub more cost efficient, consider foam insulation as another addition feature, since this one can make the warm temperature of the water stays longer. Buying a tub is not merely about the tub, but also its supplier for superior quality of the tubs. Thus, choose your supplier wisely.

Successful Ways to Use Wrought Iron Wall Decor

When you start a home decorating project, you might be anxious about where to place your couch as well as what window treatments to use. However, the real decorating worry begins when you start choosing and placing accessories. These helpful wrought iron wall décor home decorating tips will give you ideas to put to use today!

If possible, consider what accessories you will use from the very beginning of your decorating project. They may even determine the basic style and color scheme of the room. Wrought iron décor can be used in most decorating styles because of its adaptability.

Beware, when using a collection, that you don’t use too many items in your décor. You may need to get rid of or store some of them and rotate the items every few months. This is called “editing” and is an opportunity to assess your collection and keep only those items that still have meaning for you and that will look nice in the room.

To create balance in your wall displays, find the centerline of your display; for example, the center of the sofa or over the mantel. The placement of the objects on each side of the centerline should “mirror” each other. This is “symmetrical” arrangement. If there are more objects on one side, or if they are at different heights, the arrangement is “asymmetrical”. Whichever way, the visual “weight” of the grouping should be the same.

To simplify the look of a wall, use a single large image which dominates a wall. Choose something that blends with or complements the room while at the same time adds a special touch. Wrought iron wall décor is an excellent choice because of its versatility and timeless beauty.

Wrought iron wall décor can be used alone or in a grouping with framed pictures. Wrought iron candle holders and sconces are popular wall décor because they can be used in any room of the house. You will find wrought iron wall décor in various colors and finishes including “rust” brown, black, shabby chic white or beige, and verdigris.